UPDATED: Pokemon Go Allegedly Shelves Apple Watch Plans

by Christian Hoffer


UPDATED: Niantic refuted the 9to5Mac's report in a Tweet, claiming that Pokemon Go would indeed be coming to the Apple Watch soon.

Earlier this year, Niantic Labs made a splash at a recent Apple presentation when it announced that Pokemon Go was coming to the Apple Watch. While interest in a smart watch version of the game was high at the time, Niantic hasn't given an update about the Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go in quite some time.

According to 9to5Mac, Niantic has stopped working on an Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go. Per the report, the version shown at the Apple presentation was an "unfinished port", but they had chosen not to move forward with the project.

9to5Mac also references a recent Reddit post that shows an alleged email from a Niantic customer service representative confirming that the company had abandoned the project. The email also notes that, if interest in the Apple Watch app increases, they could return to the project in the future. 

No reason was given as to why Niantic abandoned the project, but it's possible it's due to the success of the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral device. Manufactured by Nintendo, the Pokemon Go Plus has many of the same features of the planned Apple Watch version of the game and has been in hot demand since its release back in September. 

By Christian Hoffer

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