Pokemon Go Says Apple Watch Version Still Coming

by Christian Hoffer

pokemon go apple watch
(Photo: Niantic Labs)

Earlier today, WWG reported about a Mac blog's claim that Niantic Labs had discontinued work on an Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go. Although Niantic Labs had unveiled plans for the Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go months ago, there had been no updates in months, leaving many fans worried whether the app would ever come out.

Luckily, Niantic Labs quickly killed the rumor shortly after it began its spread across the Internet. Niantic confirmed that they were still working on an Apple Watch version of the game, and that there'd be additional info in the near future. 

The Apple Watch version of Pokemon Go will act as a "companion app" to the smartphone version of the game and will allow players to instantly collect items and catch Pokemon similar to the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral device. 

In unrelated news, Pokemon Go subsequently sent out another tweet showing a GIF of a Pokemon egg hatching, hinting that we could see another wave of Pokemon added to the game via egg hatches. 

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.