Is a Christmas Event Coming to Pokemon Go?

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Last week, Niantic Labs announced that Pikachu would don a "festive hat" in Pokemon Go for the next few weeks to celebrate the holiday season. While a Pikachu sporting a Santa Claus hat was cute and all, many Pokemon Go fans longed for a meatier holiday event in line with the Halloween and Thanksgiving events from earlier this year.

In a recent datamine of Pokemon Go's newest update (which began rolling out yesterday), players found hints that a bigger holiday event was on the way. The Silph Road, a Pokemon Go fan site, discovered graphics for presents in the newest update. According to the Silph Road, the presents are divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers with Special, Great, and Ultra Variants.

It's unclear how Pokemon Go will give these presents to players, but The Silph Road notes that code found in the gamefile seems to indicate they're tied to the game's Shop. Pokemon Go hasn't introduced any new items to the game since launch, even though dataminers have discovered files tied to several unreleased items.

With Christmas only five days away and Hanukkah set to start on the 24th, Pokemon Go will probably need to announce the holiday even sometime over the next couple of days. Stay tuned to WWG for more news about Pokemon Go as we learn about it.

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