Pokemon, Final Fantasy Sell Big For Amazon

by Robert Workman


The holiday shopping craze (save for post-Christmas shenanigans) is drawing to a close, so Amazon decided it was a good time to announce what games sold best on its website – and the results probably aren’t all that surprising.

The company has revealed that the top three selling games for the holiday season were Pokémon Sun and Moon and Final Fantasy XV, three highly anticipated sequels that delivered to fans in spades. Although Amazon didn’t provide specifics as to how many copies each game sold – or for what period of time they dominated – it did note that they were the best-sellers for the holiday season, so we can only imagine that covers the period of both late November and all of December.

Pokémon Sun and Moon aren’t very surprising, as Nintendo has boasted in the past that the game have become the fastest-selling games in the company’s history. And Square Enix was more than ready for Final Fantasy XV to be a hit, shipping well over five million copies at the game’s launch, and selling through most of them with ease.

The company noted specifically that the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XV sold the most, though the Xbox One version probably isn’t too far behind.

What’s interesting is that no other titles were mentioned on Amazon’s best-seller list, despite the debut of a new Call of Duty game with Infinite Warfare and EA’s one-two punch of shooters between Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. Maybe we’ll get a top ten list soon enough, so we can see what games specifically ranked where, and how well they sold over the holiday season.

Amazon also revealed the best-selling movies of the holiday season, including the Harry Potter Complete 8-Film Collection, Disney’s Finding Dory and, in the top spot, Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets. BusinessWire has a complete list of Amazon’s best-sellers.

By Robert Workman

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