Fan-Made Pokemon Prism Leaks Online

by Christian Hoffer


Earlier this month, WWG reported that the long awaited fan-made Pokemon Prism was shut down days before its planned release. Even though the game's maker was hit with an alleged cease and desist notice by Nintendo, the game has still made it's way online and is available for download.

Pokemon Prism is a ROM Hack of Pokemon Crystal, the 2001 sequel to Pokemon Gold and Silver. The game was going to add new Gas and Sound Pokemon to the game, as well as a whole new region to explore. Interest in the unofficial Pokemon game peaked thanks to a "Twitch Plays Pokemon" playthrough of an early version of the game.

While Nintendo officially shut down the project last week, alleged hackers with no affiliation to Pokemon Prism somehow got their hands on the game and leaked them onto 4chan. In order to protect the identities of the original developers, the hackers cut the credits of the game. We're not going to link to a copy of the download (Nintendo does still have an active cease and desist notice on it, after all), but the game shouldn't be hard too find for anyone trying to find it.

Although the leaked version of Pokemon Prism is a complete version of the game, it still has several major bugs that have made playthroughs hard to complete. Likely, Prism's original developer would have patched the issues in a future update.

Prism is the second fan-made Pokemon game to get shut down this year by Nintendo. The popular Pokemon Uranium was also shut down just a few days after its release.

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.