Pokemon Sun and Moon Player Uses a Cosmog to Wreck a Legendary Pokemon Team

by Christian Hoffer

Much of the storyline in Pokemon Sun and Moon involves Nebby, a precious little Cosmog who refuses to stay in the bag of its protector Lillie. Nebby becomes the target of the Aether Foundation and eventually evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala to stop the threat of the Ultra Beasts once and for all. 

Cosmog itself is one of the weakest Pokemon to ever appear in the Pokemon franchise. With Splash and Teleport as its only moves, Cosmog can only really sit on a trainer's bench and soak up XP from all the hard work of its Pokemon teammates. 

A Pokemon YouTuber named PIMPNITE recently answered a challenge asking to see Cosmog wreck another team. After countless failed attempts, PIMPNITE succeeded and shared the results in a 10 minute video posted on YouTube earlier this week.

So, how does PIMPNITE sweep through a team of Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beast using the weakest Pokemon in the game? Well, Cosmog's teammates do most of the heavy lifting. PIMPNITE's other Pokemon used a double set of Toxic Spikes to severely poison the other team, while layering up defense buffs and healing moves. Eventually, using Baton Pass, PIMPNITE lets Cosmog out of the bag to blissfully float over the battlefield as its enemies succumb to poison. 

Judging from PIMPNITE's opponent's choice of Pokemon, this was clearly a staged battle, and there's no chance that Cosmog would actually sweep against even a semi-competitive Pokemon team. But it's still amazing to watch Cosmog smile as its opponents fall one by one. Maybe Nebby wasn't put in the bag for its own protection....maybe Lillie was trying to protect everyone else from Nebby. 

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.