Pokemon Go Ended 2016 With a Big Boost in Revenue

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Go ended its year with a bang thanks to two holiday events. According to the website SensorTower, which tracks mobile apps, Pokemon Go generated an estimated $22 million in revenue on the last week of the year. Per SensorTower's estimates, that $22 million is the most Pokemon Go has made since the game's first month back in July.

The reason for the big boost in revenue were two holiday events, each of which offered heavily discounted "Holiday Boxes" full of PokeBalls, lures, incubators and other items. The events also increased the spawn rates of Pokemon like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, as well as increased the number of Pokemon Eggs with the new "Gen 2" Baby Pokemon.

Thanks to the holiday events, Pokemon Go ended 2016 on the top of Apple's "Top Grossing" app list and was named as Apple's most popular app for 2016.

The monthly holiday events have been a boon for Pokemon Go, as SensorTower estimates that the Halloween and Thanksgiving events also caused the game's revenue to spike. Players are already guessing when the next event will take place, with Valentine's Day as the most popular prediction. It's also expected that Pokemon Go will add more "Gen 2" Pokemon sometime in January.

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