GameStop Teases a Pokemon Game for Nintendo Switch

by Christian Hoffer


Earlier this week, GameStop teased the existence of a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. In a listing posted on their website (which has since been removed), GameStop mentioned that Switch owners could play "Skyrim on the go, or Pokemon at home" with the new gaming console while discussing about the system's portability. A screenshot of the page can be seen below, courtesy of neoGAF.

Nintendo Switch Will Have a Pokemon Game - GameStop Switch listing

This could be the latest clue that Nintendo is working on a new Pokemon title for their new console, which could come out as early as this year. Shortly after Pokemon Sun and Moon's release, a video game journalist claimed that Game Freak was working on a companion/sequel game (codenamed Pokemon Stars) for the Nintendo Switch.

It's also possible that Nintendo will announce a different type of Pokemon game for the Switch. The Pokemon franchise has had several household console games over the year, ranging from Pokemon Snap to 2015's Pokken Tournament. It's possible that Nintendo will release a new side-game for the Nintendo Switch, or release a game like Detective Pikachu (which hasn't had a US release) for the Switch instead.

Of course, fans could also be reading too much into GameStop's now-deleted marketing copy, as key Pokemon producers have cautioned that a Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch isn't a sure thing.

Nintendo is giving a lengthy presentation on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, so it's possible we'll get more news of a possible Pokemon game then. Stay tuned to WWG for more Pokemon and Nintendo Switch coverage.

By Christian Hoffer

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