Pokemon Go: Here's How Much Candy It Takes to Evolve the Gen 2 Pokemon

by Christian Hoffer


A new generation of Pokemon have come to Pokemon Go, which means a ton of brand new evolutions. Complicating manners are the new evolutionary items and divergent evolutions, which have totally changed the normal Candy requirements to evolve Pokemon

Luckily, WWG is here to help. Here's the full list of the new Pokemon and how many Candies (or evolutionary items) it takes to evolve them:

Golbat ---> Crobat: 100 Candies

Gloom ---> Bellossom100 Candies and 1 Sun Stone

Onix ---> Steelix: 50 Candies and 1 Metal Coat

Poliwhirl ---> Politoed100 Candies and 1 King's Rock

Chansey ---> Blissey: 50 Candies

Seadra ---> Kingdra: 100 Candies and 1 Dragon's Scale

Scyther ---> Scizor: 50 Candies and 1 Metal Coat

Eevee ---> Umbreon or Espeon: 25 Candies

Porygon ---> Porygon2: 50 Candies and 1 Up-Grade

Chikorita ---> Bayleef: 25 Candies

Bayleef ---> Meganium: 100 Candies

Cyndaquil ---> Quilava: 25 Candies

Quilava ---> Typhlosion: 100 Candies

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.