Pokemon Go Hits 650 Million Downloads

by Christian Hoffer


Pokemon Go has hit another major milestone. Today, Niantic Labs announced that the game had surpassed 650 million downloads. Niantic made the announcement at Google Developers Day, part of this year's Game Developers conference. 

To put that figure into perspective, that download figure means that Pokemon Go has been downloaded by nearly 9% of Earth's total population. 

Of course, while that number seems massive, it also reveals how much Pokemon Go has slowed down since its peak last year. Back in September, Niantic announced that Pokemon Go surpassed 500 million downloads, which means that it's only been downloaded a mere 150 million times over the last 6 or so months. 

While speaking at the conference, Niantic chief technology officer Phil Keslin promised more regular content updates to keep fans interested in the game. Pokemon Go recently returned to the top of sales charts after releasing a major update that added over 80 new Pokemon to the game. Trading, PvP battles, and Shiny Pokemon are just a few of the new features expected in future updates.

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By Christian Hoffer

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