Japanese Pokemon Players Get a Special Pikachu for Donating to Charity

by Christian Hoffer


The Pokemon Company has announced a new Japanese promotion, designed to help raise money for ongoing tsunami relief. The company announced that fans who donate to the "Pokemon with You" charity will receive a special Pikachu for Pokemon Sun and Moon that knows the move Bestow, a move that transfer a held item to another Pokemon. Pikachu can typically only learn Bestow via breeding, a process that can take hours to complete.

Pokemon with You is a charity campaign, created after an earthquake and tsunami struck Tokohu in 2011. The earthquake was the most powerful earthquake ever to hit Japan and killed over 16,000 people. The Tokohu earthquake also destroyed or damaged over a million buildings and caused over $235 billion in damages, making it the costliest natural disaster in history.

Pokemon with You has run annual campaigns to help raise money for tsunami and earthquake relief and often sells special Pokemon merchandise to help raise money for various charities. The campaign also frequently visits schools and children centers around the region to visit children affected by the earthquake. The Pokemon Company also opened a special Pokemon Center store in the region with proceeds going towards charity. Pokemon with You also has a special train route, in which fans can ride in a Pokemon-themed train, collect stamps at stops, and but merchandise to support the region. 

Players can donate to Pokemon with You between now and March 31st to qualify for the special Pikachu. The Pikachu also comes with the moves Hold Hands, Return, and Play Nice and comes holding a Sweet Heart. 

(via Serebii)

By Christian Hoffer

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