Pokemon Boosted Nintendo's 2016 Profits

by Christian Hoffer


In an earnings report released earlier today, Nintendo confirmed that the Pokemon franchise helped boost their 2016 revenue and profits. Although the biggest story was how well that Nintendo Switch sold after its release earlier this year, Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon each made major contributions to a strong year of growth for the video game manufacturer.

While Nintendo only owns a portion of Pokemon Go, the mobile game proved to be a moneymaker for the company. Nintendo reported that Pokemon Go generated over $180 million in profit for the company. Nintendo previously had to remind investors last year that they only had a minority share in the game, and that Pokemon Go's strong performance wouldn't impact their projected earnings. However, Pokemon Go (along with Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run) contributed to a growing mobile business for Nintendo that will probably grow in the coming years.

As expected, Pokemon Sun and Moon was a huge mover for Nintendo, as it sold over 15.44 million copies, making it the second highest selling Nintendo 3DS game ever. Only Pokemon X & Y has sold more copies, although it's expected that Sun and Moon will eventually eclipse those games' 16.06 million sales figure. Pokemon Sun and Moon is also close to surpassing Pokemon Black and White's 15.64 million sales mark.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Pokemon will have quite the impact in 2017. Nintendo's projections for the next year don't mention Pokemon at all, which is to be expected given the lack of announcements about any sort of new game.

By Christian Hoffer

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