Majority of Gamers Would Dump Partner for Deleting a Pokemon Save File

by Christian Hoffer

(Photo: Nintendo)

Video game players have unique bonds with the Pokemon they catch, often due to the long hours and countless battles that it takes to train a Pokemon to perfection. A new poll indicates that the bonds between Pokemon and human might even exceed the bonds formed in a romantic relationship.

A recent poll gained steam on Twitter last week, which the following question: “Imagine you got in an argument with your romantic partner (boyfriend, girlfriend), and then he or she erased your Pokémon save data. After that, your partner showed remorse. Would you be able to forgive him or her?” Over 30,000 people voted in the poll and nearly two-thirds said that deleting a person's Pokemon is an unforgivable crime.

Of course, deleting a person's beloved Pokemon over an argument is a pretty petty thing to do, and several people who voted "yes" stated that an act like that indicated some worrying underlying issues. After all, if a partner chose to enact revenge everytime you got into a fight with them, they might move on from Pokemon to even more important personal items. Others pointed out that deleting a Pokemon save file requires multiple steps and foreknowledge, so deleting the file equated to an act of actual malice.

So what do you think, Pokemon fans? Would you be able to forgive your partner for deleting your Pokemon save file on purpose? Leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter and let us know! 

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By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.