Pokemon Go's Latest Event Is Having All Sorts of Problems

by Christian Hoffer


Pokemon Go's first ever "mini-event" is taking place this weekend, but it seems to be leaving a lot of fans underwhelmed. The "Spring Bloom" was supposed to flood the game with Grass-Type Pokemon similar to how Water-Type Pokemon invaded the game back in March, but it appears that Pokemon Go is using a different spawning mechanic than that event.

Many fans, especially those in desert regions, have claimed that they aren't seeing any Grass-Type Pokemon at all this weekend. It seems that the event is only increasing spawns of Grass-Type Pokemon in areas that they would usually spawn. Since Grass-Type Pokemon are pretty common in most places, they don't usually spawn in urban areas (like in the middle of big cities) and arid regions. 

This wouldn't the first time that a Pokemon Go event limited increased spawns to certain areas. Players might remember that the Pokemon Day event also limited spawns of its Party Hat Pikachu to areas where Pikachu would normally appear, even though Pikachu is usually an uncommon Pokemon.

That isn't the only issue plaguing Pokemon Go's new events.When the event began, some fans briefly noticed that using Lure Modules would somehow cause players to get softbanned, which prevented them from catching Pokemon or spinning Poke Stops. However, Niantic claimed they had fixed the issue in a post on Reddit after making several adjustments to the game's settings. 

Pokemon Go's mini-event will only run through this weekend and will end sometime on Monday. 

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.