Pokemon Go's First Live Event Was a Bit Underwhelming

by Christian Hoffer


Last weekend was supposed to be a big one for Pokemon Go. In addition to the game's first ever "mini-event," Pokemon Go also had it's first ever live event in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pokemon Go teamed up with the Knight Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering "engaged and informed" communities) for a series of local events designed to bring communities together while playing Pokemon Go.

The event in Charlotte coincided with a local "Open Streets" event, in which Charlotte blocked off car access to several streets. Niantic mapped out a 2.5 mile route of 16 Poke Stops and two Pokemon Gyms and promised an increased number of spawns during the event as well. The game even promised prizes to anyone who completed the 2.5 mile route from start to finish.

However, it seems at least a few fans were a bit disappointed by the event. Reddit's two Pokemon Go communities both had several posts with critiques and criticism about this weekend's Not only were the "increased spawns" underwhelming, the prizes ended up being a sheet of stickers featuring the logos of Pokemon Go's various teams. While no one expected Legendary Pokemon to appear, at least a few fans were hoping for a bit more from Pokemon Go's first official organized event.

Some fans did report that the event was a good time, even though nothing "special" occurred during the event. When coupled with the issues Pokemon Go had with its Grass Event, it looks like what could have been a momentous weekend for Pokemon Go turned into the game's latest pratfall.

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.