Another Possible Pokemon Stars Hint Emerges...Or Does It?

by Christian Hoffer

pokemon stars1
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon fanbase has gotten hyped over the last few weeks about a possible new game announcement. Last fall, several sites (led by Eurogamer) reported on an alleged sequel to Pokemon Sun and Moon called "Pokemon Stars" that would feature new Pokemon and would be released for the Nintendo Switch.A few weeks ago, the Pokemon Company released a celestial themed line of merchandise with the slogan "Look upon the Stars" which some thought was a clue that a Pokemon Stars announcement was imminent. Then, a gaming forum discovered a blank spot had appeared on Nintendo's archive of past Nintendo Directs, something that only happens when a Nintendo Direct is about to drop. Couple that with the fact that Pokemon has traditionally made an announcement about its next game during the second week of May, and now the hype

Now, Internet detectives have jumped on a new piece of evidence that Nintendo is about to announce a Pokemon Stars game. A poster on NeoGAF noted that the URL "" redirects to Pokemon's homepage instead of leading to a 404 load screen. "Hoshi" is the Japanese word for "star" and it's significant as it means that someone deliberately set up that redirect. Shortly before the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, a URL for "" (neji being the Japanese word for moon) also began redirecting to Pokemon's homepage.

Before people get too hyped, it was quickly pointed out that ANY URL that ends with the letter "i" seems to redirect to Pokemon's webpage. For example, redirects to Pokemon's webpage, as does It's likely that this was just a way to conceal whatever Pokemon's true plans are for their next game, as opposed to an actual hint that Pokemon Stars is coming soon.

Still, Pokemon wouldn't have gone to such lengths if it wasn't trying to hide SOMETHING. Could we be getting a Pokemon Stars announcement this week? Stay tuned to WWG to find out.

By Christian Hoffer

Christian Hoffer is WWG's resident PokeJournalist and Pokemon expert. He also enjoys Ohio sports, wrestling, and comics.